STORY: Lost In The Woods- Part 1

'Birds whistling' as my eyes welcomes the morning sun. My skin covered with thick mud and wet grass. I sneezed twice and then sneezed again as a result of the irritating dust particles tickling the inside of my nose. I noticed a static red fluid on the left hand side of my trouser, i must have had a dip cut right through it. Where am I? How did I get here? How do I get out of here? All this were questions puzzling me. Touched my trouser pockets trying to get a reach of my phone but it is gone, my wallet?gone. I tried getting up but shouted, the pain I felt in my left increased. I sited some marshmallows close to a swamp right in front of me which I grated and applied on the wound and used a leave to tie it.

After a while I got up and managed to walk a little. Just kept walking and walking without a direction. I was lost in the woods with no way out in sight. I know why I am here but don't know how I got here, but something within me knows I'll be here for a very long time. The woods is quite lonely and quiet. All I see are bushes and swamps, the birds singing, butterflies and dragonflies, as well as some...'kpa'(hitting my skin), oh! this one is just a sandfly. Okay, back to what I was saying before I was rudely interrupted. As well as some other insects I do not know of.

Been wandering for hours now and my stomach begins to rumble. I find myself searching for the glories of the field as hunger defiles my stomach's care. But something facinating happens, I can't believe it. I was filled with joy and contentment instantly. This joy I feel inside me last existed when I said 'I Do'. But it wasn't my wife in front of me, neither was it a woman, nor a man, nor a way out. It was a banana tree. This is something I need right now. I got close to the tree and tried shaking it, but I saw 3 ugly looking monkeys eating the bananas, one on the left, one in the middle, and one on the right hand side of the tree. The one on the left is very black and it has extremely long limbs, making it look like a spider. It also has thick hairs covering its entire body apart from its face and a very long tail. The one in the middle has black shoulders while its back is yellowish orange. The hairs on his head is black but has a white face. The hairs on its body is not as thick as the monkey on the left but it sure has a very hairy tale. While the one on the right has a very black face with white fringe of hairs on its forehead. The rest of its body has a shade of Gray, and funny to say it was clapping at the sight of me. Not like I look anything like it (for the record I'm cute), well, maybe only the monkeys have the answers to that.

I kept hitting the tree so some bananas can fall off but they didn't, rather I created a monkey mob. They groomed their tools (bananas) ready to attack, which they did. They rolled and stoned me with as many bananas they could get of which I took pleasure from their anger as I was able to have enough bananas to eat. The monkey on the left with a long tail was very effective. Whenever he flings with its tail it goes straight into my mouth. I never got tired of eating every part of their mysterious anger.

When I was done I continued my blind journey. Looking for a way out of the woods as the same questions kept bugging me. Are they still after me? How is Janet feeling right now?
Has she found out the truth? Does she think I'm dead? How do I... 'coo-oo'(a dove sound)... A flock of white lovely doves just flew pass me. It suddenly occurred to me that the best way to get out of here was to follow them and so I did. They kept singing as they flew by, but the tone of the music they sang was a very sad one. I was so touched by the tone that everything I had gone through kept coming back to me in a rush. I lost all hope of getting out of the woods as I couldn't keep pace with them. My left leg began hurting again and I became distracted with the song, my thoughts, and the pain that I stumbled upon the root of a tree. I fell down, stirring at the free birds singing and flocking away. Though I learnt the song, but I am still right here lost in the woods.

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POEM- Lost In The Woods 1